Summary of 2017 in The Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The year has nearly come to an end, and it is the time of summaries. For us, the past year was full of new challenges, interesting experiences and amazing meetings with interesting people. We started working with new companies and some of our members have achieved significant successes. Below we have collected the most important events that took place in the Chamber in 2017:

Saab has signed a contract with Base Group


Base Group Sp. Z o.o. signed a contract with Saab AB for the supply of components for submarines.

Swedish reinforcement group Saab AB on November 8, 2017 announced the signing of a contract with the Polish company Base Group during the Warsaw Security Forum for the supply of components for two A26 submarines built at the Karlskrona shipyard. Congratulations!

Meeting with the Masters

Zdjęcie użytkownika Polsko - Szwedzka Izba Gospodarcza.

On 9/11/2017, at the headquarters of Pracodawcy Pomorza, took place a meeting with prof. Ryszard Horodecki and Prof. Paweł Horodecki, who familiarized us with the issue of quantum physics, talked about it in an accessible way and opened their eyes to the world of physics around us. Thank you!


Business Breakfast – Meeting with Swedish lawyers

Zdjęcie użytkownika Polsko - Szwedzka Izba Gospodarcza.


On the 11th of October, at the Olivia Business Center, lawyers from the Magnusson Law Firm advised entrepreneurs: Ewa Krokosz from Stockholm and lawyer Tomasz Rysiak from Warsaw – how to negotiate with a Swedish entrepreneur and how to resolve potential conflicts.



Autumn 2017 – together with the Atheneum College in Gdańsk, we have started Swedish philology!

Introduction to Swedish commercial law

Göran Stoth, lawyer, lecturer at Linnaeus University, who conducted training on the introduction to Swedish commercial law, on the right the President of the Polish-Swedish Chamber Magdalena Pramfelt, who presented the economic data of both countries and the activities of the Chamber. Among the participants were among others members of the Chamber, construction companies Baumat from Toruń and Ekoinbud from Gdańsk.





Audience with the King and Queen of Sweden

Audience with the King and Queen of Sweden’s ambassadors and consuls at the Palace. The King  thanked us for the work we do and then we had quite a long talk with the king couple. Thank you!






Meeting with Swedish translators

Zdjęcie użytkownika Polsko - Szwedzka Izba Gospodarcza.


Attorney Ewa Krokosz from the Magnusson Law Firm at a meeting with Swedish language translators associated in the Baltic Translators Association, whose theme was legal terminology.

In the pictures, attorney Krokosz is surrounded by translators, next to the BST director Małgorzata Grabarczyk and Magdalena Pramfelt, the head of PSIG and the host in the Ecumenical Center.




Celebration of St. Lucia Day in Oliwa

Oh, what a day! Students of Swedish philology at the  Ateneum College sang Swedish songs and songs in the Oliwa Park, and then, together with the Oliwa City Hall of Culture, we spent a magical evening singing and eating delicious food from IKEA.

Thank you #KFP Maciej Kosycarz and Mateusz Ochocki for photos on www.!


Thank you for the year 2017 spent together and we wish you a successful, successful 2018!
Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce