CyberProductivity SA – automated accounting platform using artificial intelligence algorithms


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania costkiller

Real-time booking, automated reconciliations, semantic categorisations, sophistocated accounting rules.

Reduction of bookkeeping costs and business process costs till 20-50%.


Selected features:

  • Intelligent document flow system with budget control
  • Automated real-time booking integrated with accountants software for tax compliance
  • Automated data reading of invoice scans and transactions categorization using artificial intelligence algorithms with learning mechanism
  • Electronic document flow, easy exchange of information and access to accounting documents
  • Real-time cost control system
  • Integrated functionality: invoicing, e-circulation with budget allocation and workflow, transactional budget control
  • Integration with the ERP system owned by the customer


Cyber Productivity SA is a tech company specializing in automation of accounting processes and fintech solutions. Utilizes Knowledge Work Automation solutions to reduce costs by using artificial intelligence algorithms to automate tasks performed by qualified professionals.

Platform Operator of mKsięgowość,,, based on robotic accounting technology.


CyberProductivity SA

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